Whatsapp puzzles – Guess the movie name Chand Camera Sheep Capsule

Whatsapp puzzles

Now a days there are lots of whatsapp puzzles in your different different groups.

I have added latest whatsapp puzzles “Guess the movie name Chand Camera Sheep Capsule” with its answer.

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Answer of whatsapp puzzles Guess the movie name Chand Camera Sheep Capsule : CHANDAAL


How :
First image chand :
The first Whatsapp emoticon “Chand” actually refers to the Hindi word “CHAND” which means moon and refers to the Hindi movie title “CHANDAAL”.

Second image Camera :
The second Whatsapp emoticon clue “Camera” actually refers to the FILM which is used inside the Camera and may also refers to a movie FILM.

Third image Sheep :
The third Whatsapp emoticon clue “sheep” is a emoticon showing a large male sheep which is also called “RAM”.

The fourth Capsule :
The fourth Whatsapp emoticon clue “capsule” or “medicine capsule” can be correctly translated to a Hindi word “DAVAI” which means “MEDICINE”. The two words “RAM” and “DAVAI” refers to a Hindi song titled “RAMA DUHAI” which is a song in the 1998 Hindi film “CHANDAAL”.

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